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Terms & Conditions

The terns of use provided below are the legal binding agreement between Igoclass Pvt Ltd and the User. The Terms and Conditions hereby bind you as the User to define your limits towards the legal rights, use of the website including the advertisements, surveys, forums, internet links and the various services that are listed in the domain and subdomain of Igoclass at www.igoclass.com as well as the users who are looking towards the services used by the website. The terms and conditions comply with the Privacy policy and is obliged in accordance with each and every user of the website.

The website is currently owned by Igoclass Pvt Ltd.

You fully acknowledge and agree to the fact that the website is a platform between the service professionals and service users to be online distributed and used as per the need and requirement who are participating, use as well as register on the website. You fully agree to the fact that through the use of the website you are 18 years or above and are scrutinised under the law to enter into a legally binding contract.

1.Modifications in the Terms of Use of the Website

Igoclass holds full right and responsibilities in its sole discretion to change/modify or amend any kind of documents incorporated by reference that herein comply with any kind of legal or regulatory framework. It will be the sole responsibility of the user to check and undergo the proper use of terms and conditions. You fully comply with the agreement that any terms of use accepted will be used in a proficient manner.

2. Privacy Policy

Igoclass has a well-furnished privacy policy that informs the user that how the information can be collected and used in a professional manner with proper ease and comfort.

Membership Accessibility

1.License to Use the Website

Igoclass offers you with the non-exclusive and revocable license that sets as a User you are not going to copy, distribute or recreate the information and content already listed on the website. You fully agree that you are not going to modify, copy or distribute the information. You will work in accordance with law and applicable memberships.

Membership Eligibility Criteria

The use of this website is only applicable if you are an individual with age of 18 years or above. While using the website you fully agree to the fact that you are above the age of 18 years and all the information submitted by you is fully accurate and true. As the member of the website you fully agree to bind with the applicable laws and guidelines. If any violation is noted from your use of the website, your membership will be automatically cancelled without any kind of prior notice or information.
You can simply visit the website but in order to fully use the website you are required to undergo the fully password secured use. Without the prior permission from Igoclass, you cannot use anyone’s account. You are fully obliged to undergo the proper safeguarding of the password.

An Account Holder is hereby referred to as the User and you agree to comply with the following rules and guidelines:

  1. As the Registered User, you are not allowed to copy the information finding to which your account will be automatically cancelled.
  2. As the User, you are not allowed to modify any segment of the website.
  3. You will not copy or collect either manually or any other means the information of the service professionals.
  4. You will not send, recruit any employment contract with the service professionals without the prior written permission by Igoclass.
  5. You fully agree not to collect any kind of data or use the account information for any means

Additional Policies

You will comply and participate the proper terms of use, regulations and rules that will fully comply with the copyright policy as well as ensures you to have a good amount of usability.

Member of Conduct

Submitted Content Prohibition

You should not upload, write or submit any kind of unethical content. Any kind of misrepresentation, impersonation of any person’s identity or inaccuracy about the Service Professionals will be automatically violating the terms and use of the website. Any amount of vulgar, obscene or pornographic content is not facilitated by the content.

Prohibition of Sending Messages

You will not be allowed to send any kind of national or international messages related to the offers and money transfer or any amount of unsolicited advertising or marketing.

No Discrimination will be forfeited with respect to race, religion, creed, caste, sex and gender

Feedback and Rules For Service Professionals

  1. No profiles or offers should be fraudulent
  2. All the service professionals profiles should be able to fully ensure that they are using the fair means.
  3. You will be solely responsible for your profiles information and any kind of submitted content in terms of video or in content.
  4. We are only service listing website and not service providers. Any amount of problem faced in the services we will not be responsible as the tutor is selected by you after the through research of the profiles.

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