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Privacy and Policy

We are clear about our privacy policies that are designed to keep the utmost security of personal information of our clients and their business details stored in our records. We are committed to delivering high-level security for all the information provided by you. Thus, we maintain the privacy of your identification marks on this website and keep them secure from any external breaching that comes first in our privacy statement. We kept change our privacy policies time to time and updated it to our patrons as well. You are advised to go through our privacy policy page timely and let us know that you agree with the changes made by us in our policies or not.

Client’s information required for privacy?

We take the necessary details from the client to create a privacy policy for him such as:

  • Client’s Name and Job Description
  • Client’s Contact details such as phone numbers, address, postcode, email address, preferences and other interests.
  • Client’s address book.
  • Client’s demographic location information, etc.
  • Client’s customer surveys.

How we utilise the collected information of clients?

We take details from the client to provide high-level security to his information and due to the following reasons such as:

  • To maintaining an internal record of the client.
  • Information can be utilised to enhance the effectiveness of products and services.
  • Details can be utilised to send greetings and other promotional emails or acknowledgements to the client.
  • To keep updating the client about new launches, special offers and other relevant information that we find beneficial for the knowledge of the client. We deliver all the details through email, phone and SMS to the patrons instantly.
  • We might use the client’s contact details to discuss any urgent scheme or for other purposes. We try to get connected with the client through his phone number, email address, SMS, fax, etc.

Thus, we try possible ways to keep secure the client’s information and use them for well being of him wisely.


We are dedicated to keeping secure all information of our patrons without fail. To secure the details from any unauthorised accesses, we use electronic or digital security products and other physical attributes that ensure safety of the client’s details online without fail.
Now, you have came to know how we preserve the information of our clients and take it away from any external breaching via online or offline modes.

Our connection with other websites

To deliver high-level security online to the client’s information, we have maintained a secure connection with other websites of interest as well.
We do it to ensure that we do not have any control over other portals, once you left the links with connected sites. In this situation, we do not take the liability of our privacy policy for the details you share with the other visited website over the web that is offering any privacy security to you. In all such cases, you will be responsible for answering all the questions of privacy policies or taking charge of any privacy breaching or information-stealing online of yours through other sites.
We take pride in being honest towards sharing client’s personal information to the third party unless and until customer allows us. We keep all details secure and never sell, distribute or lease them at any cost.
We keep secure personal information of clients under the Data Protection Act 1998. For this, we charge a small fee. Also, we can deliver the copy of the agreement to you, if interested.
For the correction or update your personal information registered with us, you can approach to us anytime. We will surely do the asked corrections in the information immediately and keep your details secure easily.